Two Ways To Make Money With Facebook

These days, making money through social media is becoming quite popular. It is easy, reliable, doesn’t require much labor and is a good source of extra income. Among all the social media sites, Facebook is one of the best sources to make money with. When asked why so? The answer to the question is very simple, it is because, Facebook has more than one billion users. Here we will discuss the two ways, through which one can earn money from Facebook.

Through Great Posts:

The first and foremost way to gain popularity and earn money on Facebook is via creating great posts that will attract more and more people. Good content always attracts people, and if you are planning to earn some money with Facebook, then it is suggested that you come up with some good content, and start uploading images, videos, or links related to your niche every day.

Doing the same, through your personal account may prove to be quite hectic, and so, it is advisable to create another account, just for your work. Because keeping the personal account separate from your professional account is the best thing one can do.

Start uploading your stuff, and be patient. Give it some time, share it among your friends, spread the word, and wait for the viewership to grow.

Through Facebook Pages:

This is another easy way. The first thing that needs to be done is to create a fan-page, for whatever your niche is.

Next, start posting engaging content there, and start promoting your fan-page as much as you can. Never hesitate while promoting, and ask each and every one for help.

Once the fan-page has gained enough popularity, and you are sure, that people like it and they follow it ardently, create a website for it. Start posting your contents on the website, instead of Facebook, and start sharing the website links on your page. Also, if available add advertisements to your websites.

If your fan-page relates to saleable goods, then post ads about your goods, and sell them through Facebook, if not then you can sell your posts.

If you intend on selling your fan-page posts, then make sure that your posts have at least a 1000 likes. When you are sure of it. Sign up with or other sites like that, and set a price for your per post on the page. Keep the price moderate, so that it looks buying worthy.

If you really want to earn money and it is not for time pass, then you need to be serious and committed to your work –

Step 1 : Organize everything. Make a plan or a schedule of how you are going to handle things, and divide and devote your time accordingly.

Step 2 : Marketing on Facebook is very important. There are few ways of marketing that needs money, like creating advertisements, but if you don’t want to spend money, there are free ways as well, like sharing your threads, and asking friends to share it for you as well, which is time consuming, but is effective as well.

Step 3 : Don’t hesitate, and add everyone to your friend list. This is because, the more you add people, the more chances of people knowing you and your ways. So, add friends aggressively.

Don’t miss your chance and start earning some extra bucks from Facebook as soon as possible.

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